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Foscam Showing Black And White Videos

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What to do if your foscam G2 is showing black and white videos?

We are providing instant foscam troubleshooting to every individual who is owning foscam camera products. With our hassle-free service, you are never going to regret your choice to purchase our cameras!!

In this article, we are also solving one such technical error with our foscam G2 outdoorsecurity camera.

Here is what you must do if your foscam G2 is showing black and white videos:

●      The first thing to do here is to open the foscam application and check the recording menu to see if the colour settings have any default or not? If there is any trouble with it, make sure you enable the colourful video settings.

●      After that, you must also ensure that the white balancing feature of your foscam camera is working appropriately. You can check more about it in the settings of your camera.

●      If none of this is working, then a factory reset is the perfect resolution that you can handle to fix the trouble.

In the unfortunate event that you are still facing the black and white video trouble with your foscam cameras then you just have to contact us on our foscam toll-free number.

Read more :- https://foscam-support.com/

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