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Foscam Outdoor Cameras Troubleshooting

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What to do if your foscam camera’s video is choppy?

Foscam outdoor cameras are doing a great job with the security support services, and that is exactly why we are here to provide foscam troubleshooting services so that none of the users faces the technical error on their own.

In this article, we are providing a step by step resolution for the foscam camera’s choppy video error:

  • There are times when your camera’s recordings are going to look choppy, or on the other hand, you might feel that it is unclear. In such a situation, you first must check that the Wi-Fi network has a desirable speed and there is no interruption.
  • Then you must visit the foscam web UI and then check the camera video settings, and make sure everything is working appropriately.
  • Also, please set that all the interconnected wires are in good condition because sometimes it is the reason for the videos’ jerky motion.
  • If all the above is perfectly fine, then there is undoubtedly some trouble with your software or hardware, and for that, you need professional help.

In such case scenarios, you just need to contact us directly on the live chat section of Foscam Outdoor Cameras Troubleshooting , and we will be providing you with the proper resolution as soon as possible.

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