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What to do if Foscam SD2X is showing noisy camera footage?

Foscam cameras have been sharing foscam troubleshooting services to help valuable customers. This is precisely why we believe in sharing our expert tips with the help of foscam online support web pages so that our customers could also fix their trouble by sitting at home.

In this specific article, we solve one such technical error of the brand new Foscam SD2X security camera.

Here are the steps that you must if foscam SD2X is showing noisy camera footage:

  • Start by finding out which camera is damaged and is showing noisy footage to you.
  • Once you have finally analysed the camera, you can check the connected cables and power supply to the same device.
  • After that perform a hard reset by pressing the reset button present in the present in the camera’s backside. It will automatically reset and get all the old settings back; this might help fix the noisy trouble.

Just in case you still encounter the noisy videos of your camera, please make a quick call to us on our foscam customer support number.  We will be more than happy to help you with our expert advice and physical assistance.

READ MORE : – https://foscam-support.com/

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